How to Find Your Passion


find your passison (2)

Most of the times, we hear ourselves say these words:

“I don’t know what to do.”

“I don’t know what my passion is.”

“What do I do?”

More often than  not, when we say these words or ask the question, we turn out doing nothing since we have this misconception about finding our passion.

We think that until we find our passion, we wouldn’t be able to work hard and do things with passion. So what happens then is we never start and we just wait for passion to come.

But the truth is, to find our passion, we have to do first. Let’s do first and our passion will soon show. It also doesn’t come immediately and directly at us.

Our passion slowly appears faintly throughout our life while we are doing and working at something.  After it faintly shows up a few times, our direction becomes clearer each time it appears.  We realize these paricular things come back a few times in our life. And after a while, that’s how we are sure of what our passion is and we work towards it. And that’s how we continue to find out more as we progress.

So finding our passion is actually a journey of discovery.  It’s not a moment where you suddenly discover everything.

The good thing here is that we can choose to start our journey of discovering our passion right now. We just need to start doing. This was what Steve Jobs meant by connecting the dots. We work and we do so that we can create dots that we can connect later in life. And when we look back and connect the dots, that’s our passion.

This is also what Steven Spielberg meant by saying “Sometimes a dream almost whispers, it never shouts.” So we have to keep working and doing so that our dreams can whisper to us. However, if we do nothing and just wait for our passion, it will not appear.

We have to work and try new things to give our passion the chance to show up, for dots to appear and for dreams to whisper.

So what are we waiting for? Let’s start doing now and find our passion.




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