How to Stay Light Years Ahead of the Masses

books-break-coffee-927451-1.jpgPhoto by bruce mars from Pexels

“Those people whose aim is always low generally hit what they shoot at: they aim for nothing and hit it.”    – Richard M. DeVos

If you followed through with your decision of choosing and taking the action to change the direction of your life in the next few days, you are light-years ahead of 99 per cent of your fellow human beings. It is really very easy to want to change, and it is very easy to begin a program such as ULEARN to encourage change, but it is very difficult to commit to change and follow through with definite action.

Seeing you are here again proves to me that you are willing to grow. But today, you must commit to following through until day ninety. If you do, I guarantee that prosperityy for your life is only a matter of time.  And the more forcefully you commit, today, the faster you will see concrete, practical results. The simple act of psychologically committing to a new way of life will change your life intantaneously.

When you make the choice to definitely commit to making a change in your life, you begin to focus the extraordinary force of your willpower to draw towards you everything that is necessary to successfully make the changes you desire.

Prosperity focused consciousness is the fundamental secret to manifesting precisely what you want from life.  The truth of our universe is that you draw into your life whatever you consistently think about.  Unfortunately, we often allow our lives to be driven by the force of unconscious desires that were programmed into our minds many years ago. The good news is that these desires can be easily replaced witwh consciously directed focus.

If there is an area of your life with which you are unsatisfied, I can guarantee that you are consistently repeating negative patterns installed into your mind at some point in your part and you have not made an effort to consciously change  these patterns.

Right now, you have the chance to change your negative patterns regarding wealth.

Right now, commit  for ninety days to reprogram your mind in order to avoid the negative patterns of the past.

Now go find a calendar, mark the day you begin this One Million Ninety Day Challenge, count out ninety (90) days and mark the day that you will finish.  Focus on this date and decide that nothing will stop you from following through until that day.  Ninety days will pass whether or not you make a positive change in your life.

Today, commit to change.


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