6 Simple Steps to Change Your Limiting Beliefs to Empowering Beliefs


The way you look at things everyday are the paradigms or foundational beliefs through which you see yourself and everything around you. So what you see informs what you think and feel, which has a direct impact on what you do and what you get. Now if you see things only in your point of view, you might miss seeing your true potential and you might not be able to grow the way you want to.

You have certain beliefs in your mind that hold you back from living your fullest life.  And these beliefs about money, career, health, relationships might be limitings beliefs that holds you back from creating momentum in your life. You may have decided to change, decided upon a goal and committed to taking action. However, in order to re-program your mind to accept higher levels of success and prosperity, to advance in your career, to find innovative solution to a problem, you should take responsibility to take steps to change the limiting belief into empowering one. To do this, here are six steps you can do to instantly improve yourself and your situation:

  1. Discover what beliefs have limited your experience in the past. In anything that you want to improve, be it in your finances, your personal relationships, your career, or your health, it is important that you be able to identify the beliefs you have that held you back from getting what you really want. Listing down all these limiting beliefs might be a very good idea so you get a clear picture of what has held you back and you can ask yourself why you think this is so and challenge this belief. Your limiting beliefs could be thoughts such as: “I’m not good or smart enough”, “I don’t deserve to be rich and happy”, or “It’s way too risky”. Our limiting beliefs are often installed in our minds by our well-meaning family, our friends, our colleagues, and most of the people aound us.  It is 100% not your fault that these beliefs exist in your mind, but it is 100% your responsibility to take steps to remove these. Most importantly, after being aware of these limiting beliefs, it is crucial that you do something to replace them with a positive and empowering belief.

  2. Focus on what you want. Most of the time, we tend to talk over and over again about the mistakes we’ve made or the problems we have. Remember that we become what we think about. What we focus on expands. So instead of dwelling on what had happened which makes you feel sad or miserable, it is really best that you focus on what you want to achieve, to be, to have, and to do in order for you to get the end result that you really want in your life.

  3. Learn the lesson.  Always remember that all the problems we have, all the difficulties we’re experiencing and all the challenges thrown us in life were given to us in order that we be able to grow stronger, wiser and smarter than we are before. All of what’s happening to us is there so we  learn to become a better person than we are now. It is therefore more beneficial for you to just learn the lessson life has given and move forward  to creating a a more meaningful and purposeful life which is what you’re really meant to do

  4. Don’t believe everything that you think they are. Whatever problems, difficulties and challenges we’re facing right now is not really that big as our mind would like us to believe. Remember, we do have a choice on what to believe. Now if you choose to believe every single negative thought that goes into your mind, you will only get yourself into trouble. You’ll be better off if you always observe what your mind and your thoughts are telling you but you don’t have to identify yourself with them because you have to go beyond them.

  5. Always be grateful. You’ll have no room for stress, worries and negativity when you are in a state of gratefulness. So choose to be grateful in everything that’s happening in your life whether it’s good or bad. Choose to be grateful for every single person with whom you interact. Choose to be grateful for every single day in your life. When you do this, you’ll find no room for negativity and you’ll feel a lot more peaceful and happy as you go about your day creating the life that you want.

  6.  Know that everything happens for a reason. It’s really quite interesting and fascinating to know that everything that happens to you is for a reason. Every person that enters your life happens for a reason. Sometimes, what happens to us may look and feel lousy but it is important not to judge and it is your reponsibility not to label them as being good or bad. It is important and more exciting to gather more information about the things happening to us since most often it turns out for our good.

There is nothing more liberating than removing an unconscious negative and limiting belief that has held you back for years to feel the true freedom and ease that a free mind enables you with. So always remember to watch out for new limiting beliefs that are thrown at you by others.  Having a certain level of skepticism towards any advice that is thrown your way is a necessary step in your process. It is easiesr to go with the flow in life and agree with what everyone else believe is the “right way” to do things.  But this is most often not the best thing to do if you want to succeed in life. So keep your logic hat on, feel deeper than your thought processes, and set your life’s path on your terms.

I wish you the best of luck.

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