How to Invest in Your Future

I know you’re serious in wanting to deliberately create your life by choice and I’d like to share with you here a few tips on how you can get started on this especially with regards to your financial situation.

Here’s the good news. Whatever situation you are in right now, you can make a change. You can go from being broke to being blessed and having all the money you want and need . You can reduce your bad debts or totally eliminate your debts and be debt-free. You can invest in your future and learn to make your money grow and work for you instead of you working for the money. You can make the change starting right now. You can start to change your life literally today. How? By changing your mind. By changing your attitude.

One thing that is common among highly successful people from all over the world is the way they think. They think rich and, therefore, they grow rich. Yes, this may sound familiar to you especially if you have read Napoleon Hill’s classic book, Think and Grow Rich.

Maybe, now that you’ve gone this far, it’s time you apply what you learned. So here are a few tips to help you get started on deliberately creating the life you want:

  1. Write down your financial goal. It is important that you have your financial goal written down in black and white. If you haven’t written it down, what you have is only wishful thinking and you haven’t really any serious thought about it. When you write down your financial goals, you begin to see a clear picture of what you really want and begin to set strategies on how you can achieve it. After writing down you goals, remember to read it everyday and your mind will begin to be focused on doing that which you want to happen in your life. Surely, things will begin to fall into place and you’ll be able to achieve your goal in no time at all.
  2. Increase your cash flow. Do make as much money as you can, while you can. Indeed, have multiple sources of income. While working on your regular job, it’s highly recommended that you start working on a side-job or building a part-time business to have more cash you can save and invest for your future. If you think you don’t have time for this with your hands being full already, then you may just start analysing your expenses and start cutting those unnecessary expenses you have spent for the wants and not the needs of the family. Remember, it’s not how much money you earn but how much money you keep. So, at least, set aside 20% of your income to save and invest for your future.
  3. Have the right healthcare and have proper life protection. A study made in the Philippines showed that a lot of people get sick and die not because there is no medicine or treatment available but because they don’t have money to pay for these costs. Ensure proper protection against loss of income and also protect your family assets. So while you are still building your wealth, remember to get yourself a healthcare and a life insurance to give your family peace of mind.
  4. It’s important that you are able to pay your debts if not manage it so you can eliminate it at the soonest possible time. Having debts, especially bad debts, is having money work against you.
  5. Invest and build your wealth. Don’t just keep your money. Invest it and make it grow. Let your money work for you so you will not work for money in your lifetime. When you invest, you are able to outpace inflation as well as minimize taxation.
  6. Protect your wealth. After all the hard work you do to build your wealth, remember to protect it. Do preserve your estate , maintain privacy and limit probate costs.

Okey, so what to do next? Take action! Secure your Future now!

I know you will have a lot of excuses not to save or invest. But no matter what your excuse is, one thing is for sure: you will get older next year, your child will grow up and enter college and you would need money for his or her education, you will eventually retire and stop making active income and so on.

You have to be prepared for these kinds of situations. To make it easy for yourself, be with a group who inspires you to save and invest so that you can really be able to build your wealth.

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I do wish you all the success in life, especially when it comes to your finances so you could start to be a blessing to your family and friends.

Be happy! Be wealthy!


Is There A Need To Save And Invest?

Have you ever asked yourself this question.  “I’ve been working hard all my life but I wasn’t able to save or invest in anything. Where did my money go?” If you have,  maybe it’s time you look into the formula you use in saving so you can invest and don’t miss out on opportunities to increase your financial worth. 

Here’s the formula for saving the wrong way:


As Warren Buffet, one of the wealthiest men in the world, says, “Don’t save what is left after spending; spend what is left after saving.” This simply means that you should pay yourself first. Following this, the correct formula for saving is:


As you can see, the formula says that you need to save first before you spend your money.  However, there’s an even better formula that goes like this:


Tithe is the money you give to the church or an organization that nurtures your spiritual growth. And as a guide, this tithe should be no less than 10% of your income. However, you may adjust and increase this percentage according to your preference or capacity.

The savings that you should set aside as payment for yourself if possible should be 20% or more. You may treat it like a bill that you must pay first. It only makes sense to pay yourself first before you pay other people’s bills, right? You and your family’s well-being are more important than your other bills you have to pay.

Both spending and saving are habits we have developed over the years.  Imagine if you could make small changes in these habits. Say, spending P20.00 less on cellphone load so you could save P20.00 more in a day.  Now, that’s P600.00 in a month. This P600.00 savings a month can turn into P894,214.00 in 30 years at 8% interest annually. As you can see, a little sacrifice can reap great rewards and benefits in the future. So, it’s not really how much you earn that counts but how much you keep.

As you may have noticed, time is money. The sooner you save, the better for your future.  So it is really best and to your advantage when you do not procrastinate because the cost of waiting is very high. Unfortunately, when people are young, they tend to delay saving thinking they still have a lot of time.

The truth is, you do have two options:

  1. Save now and enjoy later.
  2. Spend now and suffer later.

Indeed, building a solid financial foundation takes time. Get rich quick schemes, hot stocks and rising real estate markets can sound appealing but one wrong pick can set you back big time from your financial goals.

In order to build your wealth, you will want to invest your money in vehicles that have the potential to earn strong rates of return. Now, investing is not gambling. Of course, you have the potential to lose your money in investments, but if you invest wisely, the potential to gain money is higher than if you never invest. You do have to understand how money works, have a plan, and stay disciplined with your action plan until you reach your goal.

Here are just a few reasons why you should save and invest your money:

  1. To keep up with inflation. If you do nothing with your money, your purchasing power will diminish. So investing your money allows you to keep pace with inflation.
  2. To earn higher returns. In order to grow your money, you need to place it where it can earn a higher rate of return. And investment vehicles tend to offer the opportunity to earn higher rates of return than savings accounts.
  3. To grow your money.  When you invest your money in stocks, mutual funds, uitf, certificates of deposit, bonds, treasury bills and etc., you get much higher returns that allow your money to grow, thereby, creating wealth overtime. 
  4. To save for retirement. As you are working, you should be saving money already for your retirement and put this into a portfolio of investments such as stocks, bonds, mutual funds, real estate, businesses and etc. Then, at retirement age, you can live off funds earned from these investments. While still young, you may want to invest that involves greater risk as this increases your chances of earning greater wealth. As you get older, it may be wiser to invest more in conservative ones since you are nearing retirement age already.

Indeed, saving is not enough. You have to save the right way and invest it to grow your wealth and make a difference in your life, in the lives of your family members and in the lives of the people around you. 

If you’re ready to learn how you can manage your money in a reasonable way and be empowered to build a solid financial foundation for you and your family, I highly encourage you to join  me and my team at International Marketing Group or IMG and be with a community of like-minded people who invest in their financial education. Just click the link below to start your journey to becoming a Millionaire:

How to Spend Your 13th Month Pay the Right Way

Are you an employee?

If you are, think of the millions of pesos that actually passed through your hands in the last 20 to 30 years. Every year, you get your 13th month. But can you tell yourself exactly what happened to your 13th month in the past 5 years? Very rarely can people say how and where they put their money. Often, no one can really remember.

Did you know that the Philippines is one of the few countries that has the 13th month pay? Our foreign friends get confused when they hear it for the first time. They wonder how we can have a 13th month salary when there’s only 12 months in a year. For employees, the 13th month is really a guaranteed bonus.

If you save your 13th month for just 6 years, then based on the power of compound interest, you could already have close to 10 million pesos in savings and investments in the next 40 years. If you sacrifice for 6 years, you could already change your life.

Lack of knowledge and understanding about personal finance is causing a lot of Filipinos to lose money and retire poor.

There is “saving the right way” and then there is “saving the wrong way.” Many people do not realize it but they might have been saving the wrong way all along.

Are you interested in knowing how money works? Do you want to learn how you can create wealth for your family and build a good future?

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How Important is Financial Education

When it comes to securing and saving their future…

Many good people fail.
Many hard-working people fail.
Many smart people fail.
Many young people fail.
Many old people fail.
Many engineers and doctors fail.
Many end up retiring without enough savings.

These people don’t set out to fail.
They do because they fail to plan and manage their personal finances.

Alam niyo ba na ang ugat nito ay hindi kakulangan ng kita?

Kadalasan, ang pinagmumulan nito ay ang mga Ito:
1) Lack of financial education – with little to no knowledge and understanding of finances.
2) Lack of discipline – with no system on how to handle money earned.
3) Lack of proper guidance from experts – believing they don’t need one.

Ikaw, gusto mo bang malaman kung paano mong maiaangat ang iyong pinansyal na buhay?

Kaibigan, hindi pa huli ang lahat.

If you want to be financially literate and want to take control of your finances, this is the perfect opportunity to enrich yourself.

With financial education, discipline and proper guidance, you can help yourself become wealthy.

You can do it. You can control and save for your future. You can deliberately create your life by choice.

Start now!!!
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How to Use the Power of Influence


No matter how strong you think you are, you can not avoid the influence of the people around you.  We do certain things because of influence. We act the way we do because of influence. We speak the way we do because of influence. And yes, almost all areas of our life are the way they are because of influence.

Indeed, all sorts of things can be influenced- drug use, sleeplessness, smoking, drinking, eating and even happiness. A study even showed that if one of your close friends becomes obese, you are 57% more likely to become obese as well. This is because the people we see and hang around with tend to set the standard for what’s appropriate.

You may have noticed that you begin to think, to act and even to look like those you hang around with most of the time. Even couples who have been together for a long time start to look like each other and act more like each other, too.

So how can you harness this phenomenon? Wouldn’t it be great if we can use this to our advantage? You see, it is the same with success. If you surround yourself with the right people, obviously you’ll start to be influenced by them. Now, you don’t necessarily need to spend all your time with successful people. You only need to spend your time with people with the right mindset – the right mindset for success, for knowledge and for growth.  This will start to cultivtae in you a positive mindset which is what you need to start winning in life.

Remember. no one succeeds alone and no one fails alone. So do pay attention to the people around you. Always seek out only those who supposrt your goals and remove those who won’t from your life.


5 Reasons Why You Need to Write Down Your Goals



I’m sure you’ve heard many times already the advice to write down your goals. But does it really work?

Study shows that men and women who are able to vividly describe their goals in written form are more likely to successfully accomplish their goals than those who don’t. But why does writing your goals help? I think it’s important to know since it does take a little more effort to write it down than just storing it in your brain.

When you write things down, you’re actually doing 2 things which is having external storage and encoding of data you need. External storage is simply having your information in your goal stored in another location like in a piece of paper for easy access or retrieval and for review at any time you need it. It actually helps you to remember something when you can be reminded of it everytime you see it. Now when we write things down, we get to encode it in our brain that it gets stored in our long term memory so that there’s a much greater chance for us to remember it.

According to neuropsychologists, individuals demonstrate better memory for materials they have generated themselves than those they’ve merely read. And this is why you get a nice edge when you write down your goal. When you first generate your goal, you’re able to create a picture of it in your mind. Then when  you write it down, you’re essentially re-processing or regenerating the image again. You literally rethink your mental picture, put it on paper, place objects, scale them and etc so that there’s a lot of cognitive processing taking place right there which sears your goal into your brain.

Now according to studies made, here’s what actually happens when you write down your goal:

  1. It allows you to visualize success. When you write down your goals, you’re able to clearly see the outcome of your desires. Writing down your goals enables you to clearly identify what to focus your time, money, effort and resources on. This way, you’re able to focus on what truly matters to you that increases your chance of success in getting what you want and achieve your goal.
  2. It helps you track your progress, Since you have it down on paper, you can be able to review it anytime and see how far you’ve gone already towards achieving your goal. This reminds you the next action steps you need to do as well.
  3. It helps you prepare your life. When you have your goals written down, you can easily refer to it when assessing your life’s situation whether you’re having opportunities or challenges along your way that needs to be addressed.
  4. It helps motivate you. Writing your goals and spelling them out with a step-by-step breakdown is the next best thing to having a life coach that cheers you on everyday. It increases your motivation to actually start acting on your goals.
  5. It helps you form a new mindset. Your written goals help you turn your great ideas, hopes and dreams become your reality. You’re able to achieve success faster and more efficiently with less stress when you can see, hear, touch, taste and smell your goals  This helps you have a new mindset and makes your mind more efficient by helping you focus on the truly important stuff. Yes and indeed, your goals are truly imporant stuff.

If you’re like most people, you probably feel overwhelmed with the thought of writing down your goals. But consider this. Knowing where you want to go and creating a plan for how to go there is how smat people navigate through life. If you don’t have time to write down your goals, when will you find time to accomplish them? Remember, your dreams start to manifest the second you write them down. So what are you waiting for? Write them down now!



The Power of Continuous Learning


Learning promotes growth and development. It is healthy for the brain and you are never too old to learn something new. Everyday, you should try to learn something new and the best ways to do this is through reading, listening and watching or observing things and people around you.

If you are often not motivated to begin new projects or to take on new things, you should increase your learning. You don’t have to be an avid reader and take on novels but you should read.  Reading is good for the brain and it is stimulating for the mind. Continuously learning new things will help you become open to take on things you didn’t think you could do before which is a very good way to get yourself motivated and inspired to take a new challenge in your life.

A morning newspaper is a common way some people like to stimulate their brain. They might like to cuddle up with the paper and their coffee before they begin their long day or even read the newspaper every night before you go to bed. This is an excellent habit to get into. Now reading the newspaper can be difficult for some people.  In fact, you might not like the newspaper because of the ink or you believe in recycling and you are against the newspapers being printed.  So there are actually many options and one of these is that you can read the news online everyday at your computer. You don’t necessarily have to be on a news site but you can read anything that interests you. Maybe you would like to learn a new skill. You can go to a site that focuses on this skill and read a little bit every day.

Of course, reading is not the only thing you can do to continuously be learning. If you don’t have time to read or if you don’t like to read, there are other ways you can learn.  Many people who have long commutes often listen to audio CD’s. Some people learn a different language or listen to a novel.  The fact is there are many different things or topics you can listen to at any time of the day.

Listening can also extend to your television while you are getting ready for work. You might choose to turn on the news and listen to the news every morning. You can listen to a cooking channel or public radio. You don’t have to read if you are not a big reader.

Listening to your friends, family and other people is another important aspect you need to focus on to learn something new and remain motivated. When you listen to others, they will want to be around you because they will know what they say means something to you and you will learn.  You will feel good about yourself as you respect others which will build motivation.

If you are a visual person, you might prefer watching videos. You may want to learn new skills like cooking, embroidery, jewelry making and etc. by watching videos that teach these skills. Nowadays, you can simply go to youtube, TED Talks and other video channels to  browse on various topics where you can learn anything you want to help you improve on your skills or your personality. You may also want to join an online training community such as Ulearn where you can learn on topics such as business strategies, self-development, sales automation, valuable seminars and more.

In todays economy, it is a must that we’re able to be updated on whatever we need to help us become competent in our work and life endeavors. This is why continuous learning is extremely important to motivation. Everyday, you should maintain a routine of learning something.  You might want to read the newspaper on a daily basis, listen to tapes or the radio, watch videos or even just listen to people especially those who you consider as your coach or mentor.

The power of continuous learning will not only continue to change your life for the better but will also build your value higher  which leads to making more money as well. The fact is, continuous learning – no matter when or where it takes place – changes you as a person in remarkable and surprising ways. It sparks a fire. It makes you more open to experiences and ideas… more tolerant and understanding of others. It instills a desire to keep growing and improving as an individual making you a better person, better parent, better employer, better neighbor and a better citizen.

Remember to find the time and inspiration to read, to study, to create, and, ultimately, to lead. This is more than self-improvement; it’s self-preservation. Because to survive and thrive in our knowledge economy, you must continually sharpen your skills and learn new ones. In the end, through the power of continuous learning, your life will be very much improved. And so are all of our lives, forever changed because of your accomplishments.