How to Use The Power of Creative Visualization


What is creative visualization?

Creative visualization is the art of using your imagination to create what you want in your life and see yourself as being, doing and having the good which you desire now.

What makes creative visualization work?

Creative visualization works because it clarifies your mind concerning the good which you desire. Whatever idea you make clear in your mind must happen in your experience. You can use creative visualization to make something happen, such as a promotion, closing a deal, improving your looks or finally achieving that relationship.

In the bible, it says “where there is no vision, the people perish. So what does this mean? It simply means that if you cannot see yourself being, doing, and having the good which you desire, you will die without it. Where there is no creative, productive and constructive imagination, people die in a rut.

With creative visualization, you learn how to use your own mind power to accomplish the good which you desire through creative imagination. Maybe now, you realize why you’ve been in a rut all this time because you simply could not see or imagine or visualize yourself being, doing and having something better. Remember, that whatever idea you make clear in your own mind must happen.

The creative visualization process gives the vision and impresses it upon the subconscious mind that takes whatever idea is impressed upon it and materializes that idea by means of what we call subconscious correlation and vibratory affinity. This is the reason why you should use your imagination to see yourself being, doing and having the good which you desire. So it’s really important that you learn to work your mind.

If you think for a moment about the people who really make it big in life, the people who really make it big in success and prosperity, the people who really become wealthy in life, you’ll realize that it takes mind power and big, correct, positive and constructive ideas to get as far in life as those ideas you have in your mind.

How do you visualize to achieve what you want faster?

As you get ready to visualize, you have to be at the right place at the time with the right frame of mind and the right tools. It is good to sit and make your body relaxed and comfortable. You may lean back in your seat, stretch your feet out, tilt your chin slightly upward. close your outer eyes and open your inner eyes. Shut the door on doubt and fear. Shut the door on every reason which says “I can’t”. Be conscious that God is in you with whom all things are possible as you enter the theater of your mind and look upon the stage of your imagination.

It is important that as you use your imagination, you charge it with the intense white-hot emotional desire. Remember that in order to achieve what you desire, you must have a clear, engineered vision of it in your imagination powered by your emotions. Let the light of the universe shine through your face. Let the love, the power, the peace and the joy of all of the goodness of the universe go with you, above you, beneath you, beside you, around you, behind you, before you and within you to make smooth, beautiful and perfect your way in creating what you want in life.

Now see yourself as being, doing and having all the good which you desire.

The Secret to Obtaining Your Desires


Have you ever wondered how you can obtain your desires? Maybe you think that some people are born under the lucky star. Or that some have charms which enable them to have all that seems so desirable. So what is really the cause of the difference in conditions under which we live?

I think that most people don’t really give so much thought to what they really want and are getting all they are entitled to or expect. If you are one of these people and would like a decided change from your present condition, you can have it. But first, you must know what you want and I know this is no easy task. Only when you’re able to train your objective mind to decide definitely upon the things or conditions you desire will you have taken your first big step in accomplishing or securing what you know you want.

Know that you have within you a mighty power which is anxious and willing to serve you. It is a power capable of giving you that which you so earnestly desires. However, occasional wishing or half-hearted wanting does not form a perfect connection or communication with this power because most wishes are simply vocal expressions.

If you are in earnest about changing your present condition and you really want to obtain all that which you desire in life, I believe you should get into the habit of writing down your goals, not once, not twice but over an over again. Yes, it is much better if you can make it a daily practice. Find some time in your day to write down your goals. It can be early in the day upon waking up from bed or during your break time from work. You can also do it at night before retiring to sleep. No matter what, just find some time to write your goals over and over again. If you can do it well over a hundred times, it’s much better.

You must impress what you want in your subconscious mind and you can do that through writing it out. Write down exactly what you want every single day. Be bold enough to ask for what you want. Don’t minimize yourself, Aim big. Shoot for the stars. When you know what you want, the universe will move heaven and earth to give it to you. The important thing is you must know what you want and form the idea seed in your mind’s eye. Then write it down every single day. There is power in writing down what you want and seeing it in your mind’s eye. I can honestly say that everything that I have written down by hand has manifested. Well, it didn’t manifest overnight. Everything takes time. There is a season and a time for everything. Remember your thoughts are like seeds your planting in the ground that will have to germinate. So what do you want? How bad do you want it? Because if you want it really bad, you must write it down every single day in the present tense such as I have or I am grateful for this over and over and over again.

The reason why you write down what you want over and over again is to take your mind to the state where you want to be, You can use your imagination to make believe you are somewhere else to your vacation in your beach house. Use your imagination and create reality. So write down what you want. Visualize what you want. Let the universe know about it. Write it down in the present tense. Be delusional. Aim big. Pick a goal so high that it seems unlikely. But always remember to write it down anyway. Watch what happens. You don’t have to believe in it right away. But I promise you. If you keep writing it down, the subconscious mind is picking it up. The subconscious mind takes that written command as a verbal command, as a spiritual command, as a law and it will manifest in perfect time.

Now do not let people make you feel bad for wanting material things. We are in this 3d illusion to have a human experience. That’s the point of it all. We live in a material universe to have a material experience. You don’t have to go overboard. Just put everything in its proper place. You are here to experience what you want to experience, If you want the nice car, the beach property, the abundance, the wealth and so on, write it down, What do I want? What do I visualize for myself? You deserve it. Nothing is off-limits if you know what you want and you write it down. I promise you that some how, some way, that dream, that vision has to materialize in this physical world. Because imagination creates reality.


6 Simple Steps to Change Your Limiting Beliefs to Empowering Beliefs


The way you look at things everyday are the paradigms or foundational beliefs through which you see yourself and everything around you. So what you see informs what you think and feel, which has a direct impact on what you do and what you get. Now if you see things only in your point of view, you might miss seeing your true potential and you might not be able to grow the way you want to.

You have certain beliefs in your mind that hold you back from living your fullest life.  And these beliefs about money, career, health, relationships might be limitings beliefs that holds you back from creating momentum in your life. You may have decided to change, decided upon a goal and committed to taking action. However, in order to re-program your mind to accept higher levels of success and prosperity, to advance in your career, to find innovative solution to a problem, you should take responsibility to take steps to change the limiting belief into empowering one. To do this, here are six steps you can do to instantly improve yourself and your situation:

  1. Discover what beliefs have limited your experience in the past. In anything that you want to improve, be it in your finances, your personal relationships, your career, or your health, it is important that you be able to identify the beliefs you have that held you back from getting what you really want. Listing down all these limiting beliefs might be a very good idea so you get a clear picture of what has held you back and you can ask yourself why you think this is so and challenge this belief. Your limiting beliefs could be thoughts such as: “I’m not good or smart enough”, “I don’t deserve to be rich and happy”, or “It’s way too risky”. Our limiting beliefs are often installed in our minds by our well-meaning family, our friends, our colleagues, and most of the people aound us.  It is 100% not your fault that these beliefs exist in your mind, but it is 100% your responsibility to take steps to remove these. Most importantly, after being aware of these limiting beliefs, it is crucial that you do something to replace them with a positive and empowering belief.

  2. Focus on what you want. Most of the time, we tend to talk over and over again about the mistakes we’ve made or the problems we have. Remember that we become what we think about. What we focus on expands. So instead of dwelling on what had happened which makes you feel sad or miserable, it is really best that you focus on what you want to achieve, to be, to have, and to do in order for you to get the end result that you really want in your life.

  3. Learn the lesson.  Always remember that all the problems we have, all the difficulties we’re experiencing and all the challenges thrown us in life were given to us in order that we be able to grow stronger, wiser and smarter than we are before. All of what’s happening to us is there so we  learn to become a better person than we are now. It is therefore more beneficial for you to just learn the lessson life has given and move forward  to creating a a more meaningful and purposeful life which is what you’re really meant to do

  4. Don’t believe everything that you think they are. Whatever problems, difficulties and challenges we’re facing right now is not really that big as our mind would like us to believe. Remember, we do have a choice on what to believe. Now if you choose to believe every single negative thought that goes into your mind, you will only get yourself into trouble. You’ll be better off if you always observe what your mind and your thoughts are telling you but you don’t have to identify yourself with them because you have to go beyond them.

  5. Always be grateful. You’ll have no room for stress, worries and negativity when you are in a state of gratefulness. So choose to be grateful in everything that’s happening in your life whether it’s good or bad. Choose to be grateful for every single person with whom you interact. Choose to be grateful for every single day in your life. When you do this, you’ll find no room for negativity and you’ll feel a lot more peaceful and happy as you go about your day creating the life that you want.

  6.  Know that everything happens for a reason. It’s really quite interesting and fascinating to know that everything that happens to you is for a reason. Every person that enters your life happens for a reason. Sometimes, what happens to us may look and feel lousy but it is important not to judge and it is your reponsibility not to label them as being good or bad. It is important and more exciting to gather more information about the things happening to us since most often it turns out for our good.

There is nothing more liberating than removing an unconscious negative and limiting belief that has held you back for years to feel the true freedom and ease that a free mind enables you with. So always remember to watch out for new limiting beliefs that are thrown at you by others.  Having a certain level of skepticism towards any advice that is thrown your way is a necessary step in your process. It is easiesr to go with the flow in life and agree with what everyone else believe is the “right way” to do things.  But this is most often not the best thing to do if you want to succeed in life. So keep your logic hat on, feel deeper than your thought processes, and set your life’s path on your terms.

I wish you the best of luck.

A Simple Way to Keep Yourself Always Motivated

Motivation is what keeps us going. It is the spark we need to make it throughout the day, to set and meet our goals and more.  Motivation is the drive we have to complete a task or a goal we have. It is the reason why we succeed and also the reason why we fail.    Its ingredients are combined with many factors which include simplicity, attitude, the people we hang around with, the way we think, knowing ourselves, helping other people and so much more.

There are actually a lot of methods we can practice on a daily basis that can keep us motivated. And all of these can help us feel better about ourselves in everything that we do. We can also take all these methods with us when we go to work or even when we are just at home.

Without motivation, we will fail. When we have apathy toward something, we are not motivated because we couldn’t care either way.  This is the worst attitude we can have because it isn’t negative either. If this is how we feel, we won’t be capable of achieving anything because we don’t really care.

When we know how to be motivated with ourselves, we can also help others because our attitude will be contagious. If we practice daily motivational techniques, eventually, they will come to us naturally.  At first, some of these methods may be difficult to do or to remember.  It will really take some time to naturally practice and follow these techniques.

When thinking about motivation, the first thing you need to do is to create your space around you at work and at home. The things around you have a lot to do with the way you feel and if you will be motivated or stuck in a funk.  You should create your space as a constant and positive reminder that you are working to get there. Of course, only you know where you would like to be in the future. So create a simple space with a positive atmosphere around you no matter where you are.

Your office Space – It is best that your office space contain and display items that make you feel positive about life and about reaching your goals.  Indeed, it is a good idea to have your goals and all the things you would like to do  posted on the walls of your office or of your cubicle. This way, you have a constant reminder of the things you would eventually like to do.  A clean office space makes also a really big deal when you need motivation. If you find yourself sitting in mounds of paperwork, you might have the attitude that you are never going to complete the things you need to do. A messy workplace can be frustrating and depressing. It may cause you to procrastinate and even be disorganized with your thoughts as well as your work.



The car you drive – If you spend many hours in the car commuting everyday, make it a positive space. This means that you have to clean up your car. It is no good for you driving around in a depressing vehicle that is full of trash and paperwork. Why not get your car detailed and begin to take care of it? You’d be surprised how good you will feel when you clean up your car.


The home where you live – A messy and a dirty home can be depressing and disabling.  Many people will sit around procrastinating for hours in a messy home. It is really amazing how good a clean home can make you feel. So the best thing you can do is to clean up your home. I’m sure you will instantly feel great and ready to take on anything. Do get rid of those clothes which have been sitting in the closet for years that you haven’t worn once. Clean out the mess in the shed and in the garage. Don’t just wipe down the counters and do the dishes. To clean your house means to create a new space that is positive and ready for the new to come into your home. So yes, get rid of all of the old.


Most often, it is in the space of your home,  your office and your car that you spend the most of your time.  And this has a lot to do with the way you feel and the attitude you have when you wake up in the morning. So clean up the spaces you live in and make a positive atmosphere for you to enjoy and want to have a good day.  When you do this, you will finally see the goals as achievable rather than sit around thinking about them.

So what’s next? I say you better get moving and start cleaning up, re-arranging, re-decorating and making your space inspiring and motivating for you to reach your goals and succeed in life the way you want to.

Don’t have any idea of what you want to do or where to start? Click here:


The Three Simple Steps to Manifest Your Desires

Having a clearly defined goals is one of the world’s most important secrets of life in physical reality. If you have ever wished that you could rub a lantern, release a genie and have all your dreams come true, you’re in for a pleasant surprise. That genie you’re wishing for lives right inside your brain, waiting for you to awaken it by your forceful commitment to your goals.

Remember that your subconscious mind is the servant of your conscious thoughts. You draw upon yourself all the events and conditions of your life according to your beliefs and decisions. It has been proven time and time again that whatever you honestly believe about the world, your subconscious mind will draw it to you in your reality.

It sounds so simple but it is the truth. If you believe that you are poor, then you will experience lack. But if you believe you are rich, then abundance will magically flow to you. Now before you dismiss this truth, give it a shot and you’ll surely be shocked by the results.

Here are three simple steps to follow in order to convince your mind to Manifest your desires:

1. Decide precisely what you want. Be very specific with what you want so that your subconscious mind will find it a lot easier to give you what you want. So if you want a new job, decide what you want to do exactly, how much you want to receive and earn for this job and where exactly will you be working. Remember, however, to always leave the details open to change. This exercise will only convince your subconscious mind that you are really serious about your desires.

2. Write down your goals. It is good for you to write down your goals as it serves to clarify exactly what you want. It has been proven many times over that people who write their goals are far more successful on reaching them.

3. Repeat this goal to yourself several times throughout the day. It is best that you create a short statement of your goal which you can imprint in your mind whenever you get the chance. Simply begin with ” I am now attracting” or “I am blessed with” and add your goal to the end. You don’t even have to believe this will work. Just repeat saying it whenever you have time and wait for the magic to begin.

How to Develop Discipline


I have read Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich book many times since I was still in college. And I noticed that his book devoted a whole chapter to this idea of discipline. I realized it is such a powerful concept.

Discipline is so basic. It is so simple. And yet, it is so misunderstood. You will never develop anything of any consequence if you are not disciplined. However, if you are disciplined, you can have anything you seriously wamt. As it is, you only need one quality to succeed. You must have discipline. And so you might ask, what is discipline? The truth is discipline is the ability to give yourself a command and then follow it.

People who make it in life, whether that’s becoming really rich, running a successful business, or living life on their own terms, have all developed the skill of self-discipline. A common misconception about successful people is that they like doing all the things they do. But this is far from the truth. Successful people dislike the same things we do. However, they do things they dislike knowing that’s the price they have to pay for success. And so they discipline themselves to do the things they know they should do whether they like it or not.

Now I don’t think anyone is born a naturally disciplined person. So there is nothing to worry if you currently lack discipline.  In fact, it is something you can develop with practice. And yes, the more practice you have, the better you’ll become at it.

So how do you get started? Here are three things you can do now to get discipline:

  1. Realize that if you want to get something different in your life, you’re going to have to do things differently. Then, command yourself to do what you know has to be done.
  2. Begin scheduling your day – from the time you get up until the time you go to bed. If you have a schedule, you’re more apt to do the things you really need to do to get where you want to go.
  3. Hold the image of being successful at what you want to do. Envision a complete shift and proceed to let that vision unfold every day.

I know it won’t really be that easy. Especially when you’re only getting started. However, you’ll surely get stronger and stronger as you go about practising this. And then, you’ll be able to do what you want instead of just what you think you can do.




How to Stay Light Years Ahead of the Masses

books-break-coffee-927451-1.jpgPhoto by bruce mars from Pexels

“Those people whose aim is always low generally hit what they shoot at: they aim for nothing and hit it.”    – Richard M. DeVos

If you followed through with your decision of choosing and taking the action to change the direction of your life in the next few days, you are light-years ahead of 99 per cent of your fellow human beings. It is really very easy to want to change, and it is very easy to begin a program such as ULEARN to encourage change, but it is very difficult to commit to change and follow through with definite action.

Seeing you are here again proves to me that you are willing to grow. But today, you must commit to following through until day ninety. If you do, I guarantee that prosperityy for your life is only a matter of time.  And the more forcefully you commit, today, the faster you will see concrete, practical results. The simple act of psychologically committing to a new way of life will change your life intantaneously.

When you make the choice to definitely commit to making a change in your life, you begin to focus the extraordinary force of your willpower to draw towards you everything that is necessary to successfully make the changes you desire.

Prosperity focused consciousness is the fundamental secret to manifesting precisely what you want from life.  The truth of our universe is that you draw into your life whatever you consistently think about.  Unfortunately, we often allow our lives to be driven by the force of unconscious desires that were programmed into our minds many years ago. The good news is that these desires can be easily replaced witwh consciously directed focus.

If there is an area of your life with which you are unsatisfied, I can guarantee that you are consistently repeating negative patterns installed into your mind at some point in your part and you have not made an effort to consciously change  these patterns.

Right now, you have the chance to change your negative patterns regarding wealth.

Right now, commit  for ninety days to reprogram your mind in order to avoid the negative patterns of the past.

Now go find a calendar, mark the day you begin this One Million Ninety Day Challenge, count out ninety (90) days and mark the day that you will finish.  Focus on this date and decide that nothing will stop you from following through until that day.  Ninety days will pass whether or not you make a positive change in your life.

Today, commit to change.