How to be Your Own Boss

I do not know about you, but as a child, I have always dreamed of becoming my own boss. For me, being a boss is something that makes me feel in control of my own destiny. Therefore, I thought it is such a noble dream to have.

In my employment years, I have realized there are good bosses and then there are bad bosses. Most bosses I know do try their best to be good. Unfortunately, the current working scenario just could not let them afford this luxury. When you come to think of it, do you believe your boss thinks about you when he or she wakes up in the morning? Of course not. While most trainings I have attended about leadership emphasizes the importance of connecting with one’s people and inner circle in the work place, the fact still remains that even though your leader is as nice and magnanimous as he or she can be, nobody will care about your career more than you do. Granted, there might be a few exceptions. But maybe, it is mostly likely your parents or your spouse. What this really means is that you yourself must take responsibility for managing your own career. I hope it is clear for you that you can never ever think for even a single moment that you can leave it to anyone else.

The hard truth is that your bosses and your co-workers are mainly focused on themselves and their careers. This does not mean that they are not interested in helping you succeed. However, you should bear in mind that their main concern will be their own future promotion and their own career’s trajectory. So, why not give yourself a favor and think of how you can be your own boss with your own company?

I know it is hard, but you can do it by taking things one at a time. To be your own boss, start cultivating the mindset of a CEO. You must start adopting the mindset of an employer as this will make you committed. Having an employee mindset will never get you ahead in life. An employee mindset makes you merely compliant. As you may have realized during this pandemic, job security today is just a myth. Even the usual competition, mergers and acquisitions have led to so many being jobless. So, it is up to you to guarantee yourself a lifetime employability.

As the statistics show today, the average working man or woman has three to five changes in careers during their lifetime. More and more people in the working place including your boss, his or her boss and their bosses are required to do multi-tasking. It is sad to say that they, too, are having a hard time making their careers work. With this scenario, do you think they still have time to take care of yours?

To be a boss, knowing yourself is as important as knowing how you can do your job.  It is also equally important that you be able to build your brand. Yes, you need to have a brand.  A brand that says you are good in what you do and that you are a master craftsman. A brand that says you are reliable and trustworthy when it comes to what you are offering, be it products or services. A brand that shows you have the leadership skills needed to help propel your people and your company to greater heights and success.

To be a boss, you must always sharpen your skills. Stay competitive and ahead of the game. However, do not forget to work hard on your soft skills, too. Remember that making this happen is not your employers’ responsibility but yours. In fact, the world does not owe you a living. The number of years you stay in your company is not even a basis for you to get ahead unless you show you have got the necessary skills for it. The key here is to have self-leadership.

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