How to Accelerate Your Success

Photo by Min An from Pexels

As I’ve worked my way through this life, one thing I’ve learned quickly is that you can not do it all alone. Oh yes, you can try, but chances are there’s no way you’ll make it pass the P1 million mark on your own.

In my experience, I’d say you need a team. You need mentors and the right people in your corner. I know that my arrogant younger self before thought I could do it all by myself. And that’s how I made so many mistakes hitting wall after wall.

The truth is, I could have just reached out to someone, sucked up my ego and humbled myself. And guess what? If I did just that, I would probably be 10x further than where I am now. So please. Don’t be afraid to reach out for help. Don’t be arrogant and think you can do it all by yourself.. You do need a team. You need mentors who can guide you in your journey to success. You need a system that will run your business. When you have all these, wealth and success will be inevitable. These are your keys to the big time in creating your fortune and it will surely change your life.

You can start with yourself. Do the work. Make money. Scale that by having one team mate. . . then another team mate. . . then another…and guess what? Now, you’ve got a team of 1,000 people making you P10 million a year.

All you’ve got to do is start now. Start small. Then go big. Build your awesome team and get mentors around you to help you with your system. And finally, you can have your system run your business.

So you see? I’m not self-made. I’m team made. And I’m God -made.

Let me know what your biggest hurdle or help you need. I might be able to help. I’ll be happy to welcome you to my team at IMG (International Marketing Group). We always hear this: the rich get richer. At IMG, we believe that the average people have the right to become wealthy with the right information. Our task is pretty big: to spread financial education to the world. And that’s how our crusade was born. Surely, there’s always the question of doubt. This might discourage you. So it’s really important that you stick to your beliefs, carry out your passion and fulfill your mission.

Indeed, you have to believe in what you do.

What is the IMG Business?

In more or less five years from now, I am planning to retire from employment already. I know everyone of us have our own concept of retirement. We may be planning to conclude our life in the workplace to be able to do what we really want. For most of us, when retirement comes, income stops but expenses won’t. With this in mind, I kept my eyes open for opportunities out there which I can start on the side while I’m still working from 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. every week from Monday to Friday. What I had in mind is that even if I stop working when I retire, my source of income should never stop. So I know my need is to learn how I can create, handle, grow and protect my wealth. In my search for the solution for my need, that’s when I found the International Marketing Group or IMG.  

I found out that IMG is both a Business and a Mission. I specially got inspired by the TRAINERS CREDO that IMG Members declare. The Business is about being a Trainer and Training Trainers! Now even before I found out about IMG, I had already been always fascinated by the finance world. I’d even volunteer to advise my friends when it come to their finances. That is why it became so clear to me that I finally found my purpose in life.

IMG Business is a Business that is so Simple and Doable that anyone, of any age, training, background, or level of education can do! So what exactly is IMG? IMG is a new concept in the financial industry that assists people who want to help themselves in building their financial foundation. IMG is one of the Biggest and Fastest Growing company in the Philippines that has expanded globally throughout the years with its presence in different cities in in the different countries in the world which includes, Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau, Dubai, Rome, Milan and etc. Yes, you can reach IMG anywhere in the world.

IMG’s vision is to Build a new Financial Industry, where everyone is able to earn what the wealthy are earning by bringing the secrets of the wealthy to all. And it’s mission is to help create wealth for families, to make a difference for families so there will be No family left behind. IMG help people Move from Dreaming to Doing. IMG bring life-changing financial concepts and solutions to middle income individuals and families who are overlooked by the financial industry.

In IMG, I became my own broker for my own financial service’s needs. It is my OWN business. I am not an employee. I don’t have a boss. No Time Cards, No Quota! I can do it anywhere, offline and onlineI became a real ENTREPRENEUR!  I have a business aligned to my passion and competency: training people, helping people help themselves and keeping families together. Not only did IMG solve my financial problems but it helped me solve many other people’s financial problems,too. In joining IMG, there’s practically no risk and the business investment is so small. And yet, the best thing about this business is I earn by helping others to save and invest properly! As a bonus, I get to travel to many places and I earn passive income as well!

The best thing about IMG is that it’s a business I can do offline and online no matter what the condition of the economy is. Yes, the IMG is a business that we can do whether the economy is good or bad, whether we’re having crisis or not. It’s a business that can thrive anywhere, anytime. And more importantly it’s a Business My Children Can Inherit. A True Business that is Built to Last and can be my Legacy!

I got into this money business by buying my own financial services needs from myself. I did not have inventories of products to worry about. Nothing can be spoiled nor pilfered. When IMG or the International Marketing Group introduced to me the concepts of proper money management and investing, I was also given the option to be the broker for my own financial needs.  That was the business offer. That was “why” I joined and became part of the IMG Business. I am empowered to DIY (Do It Yourself). I simply by-pass the middle-man or the agent for I am the broker dealer myself.

At first, I didn’t treat this as a serious business. In the onset, I also did not see the immense size of this business! I only finally saw the immensity of this business when I attended IMG’s convention in Malaysia where there were thousands of people who attended from all over the world. In that convention, I met ordinary people who shared their success stories in the business. It inspired me and opened up my mind to do more for this business. But what really is this IMG business? 

IMG is a financial distribution company. As a business owner using the IMG System, I am an independent representative of a One-Stop-Shop of Financial Services. I represent various companies in different fields of services:  the top 5 Mutual Fund Companies (Soldivo, PhilEquity, SunLife Financial, ATRAM, PAMI), the top 5 Real Estate Development companies (Ayala, SMDC, DMCI, VistaLand, MegaWorld), and many other refutable and solid companies. I act like a broker dealer of all the financial services companies that were accredited by IMG so I earn the commissions myself for all my financial needs and for my family and friends financial needs as well. My broker for Mutual Funds is Rampver Financials. I have in-house brokers for the Philippines Top non-life insurance, and real property companies. I also have access to direct stock buying and selling through MyTrade On-Line Apps of Abacus Securities Corporation ( It is one of the leading stock brokerage houses in the Philippines.

I know it really depends on me on how big I want my business to be. And my coaches are always ready to help me become successful. I do not earn by recruiting like what other network businesses do. I do not personally handle the investments. I just simply share objectively to my family and friends the advantages and disadvantages of each of the investment vehicles. I point them to what companies they can get into. I educate myself and pass on the knowledge to my family and friends. I share my own investment experience, what I do, and what I have achieved. I just share my own experience on the companies that were scrutinized, studied, and accredited by IMG.  I let the client decide. With IMG, I do an objective assessment of products, and services. I am able to do this as I am not beholden to any single company. What I do is offer what is best to the client. I simply provide Financial Education and sound Financial Check-up.

With my IMG business, I earn from my own safe and correct investments. I earn from building my business all over the Philippines, all over Asia, and all over the WORLD. What I earn in business is combined active and passive income. I earn passive income generated by my properly guided and solidly funded investments. In time, I can retire knowing that my inome never stops.

On my point of view, I consider my IMG Business not just as a financial services distribution business but a business of changing people’s lives. And I earn by helping others properly save and invest. I love this business for it is actually a business of love and hope. When I executed my financial strategies that IMG has coached me to do, I actually made sure that whatever happens, my family will survive because I love them. And hopefully, my family will live their life knowing I did all I can because of my love for them.

Now the most amazing thing about this business is that whether you as a members do or not do the business, you can enjoy many of the exclusive Membership Benefits for a one-time life-time Membership Fee of Five Thousand Five Hundred Pesos (P5,500.00) Only which includes already an Initial Investment of P1,000.00 on SOLDIVO MUTUAL FUNDS. The Membership Benefits are far more in value versus the amount of money you put into the business as IMG Member. With that amount you become broker dealer for your own needs. You start with your own proper saving and investing. What surprised me even more is that, even with just my own financial needs, I could already recover my capital. So actually, it was a “no brainer” decision making for me to dive into the IMG business! I now have a passive income that answers for my retirement needs. Since I also love myself, I made sure that I invest properly and safely for my future. In doing all these financial strategies, I earn my own commissions from my own needs. My very own love needs. And since I care and love my extended family and friends, I simply share what I do to all of them.  

As you may have realized now, that is really how simple the IMG business is. It’s just about love and hope. The IMG business is truly an OPPORTUNITY of a Lifetime. You can do this business whether the economy is good or not. When people don’t have money and are financially burdened, they need us. They need to be Financially Educated and given the Business Opportunity to earn additional income. On the other hand, when the economy is good and people have a lot money, they need to learn how to handle their finances. They need to know the proper way of Building a Solid Financial Foundation. They need to Learn How To Invest Correctly.

If like me you’re looking for a business you can do on the side or you want a business you can do full time, I suggest you take a look at this business and see for yourself. I know you’d be happy like I am when I found this opportunity of a lifetime – the IMG business.